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Daftar film yang mengandung tampilan adegan CCTV berikut diambil dari Wikipedia.

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19712014The documentary film features the Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI and how it broke into a satellite FBI office. The group discovered and released documents about COINTELPRO, a secret domestic surveillance program that targeted "dissident groups, civil rights leaders and anti-Vietnam War activists".[1]
19841956The film is set in a totalitarian society in the future where the population may be monitored at any time.[2]
231998Hackers sell their research to Russians, but because the Russians want military data instead, the hackers have to elude them.[2]
Aelita: Queen of Mars1924Surveillance is used by the upper class to oversee the working class.[3]
American Pie1999In the comedy film, a key scene has the teenage protagonist setting up his webcam so his friends can see him having sex with a girl. The webcast is shared publicly to his peers.[4]
The Anderson Tapes1971Burglars use a luxury apartment's surveillance technology to break in but are unaware of being under surveillance themselves.[3]
Antitrust2001The protagonist learns that his company has an extensive surveillance system to observe and steal code.[5]
Blow Out1981A sound technician inadvertently records a murder and learns that it is part of ongoing political corruption.[6]
Blowup1966A fashion photographer unwittingly takes photographs of a murder and investigates the circumstances.[6]
Blue Thunder1983The film features a military helicopter with high-tech surveillance equipment.[3]
Body Double1984The protagonist, staying at a friend's apartment, is able to spy on the neighbor but winds up witnessing her murder.[7]
The Bourne Identity2002Amnesiac spy Jason Bourne eludes people from his program trying to track him down.[7]
The Bourne Supremacy2004Amnesiac spy Jason Bourne eludes people from his program trying to track him down.[7]
The Bourne Ultimatum2007Amnesiac spy Jason Bourne eludes people from his program trying to track him down.[8]
Brazil1985The science fiction fantasy film follows a government clerk who works for a totalitarian and bureaucratic government of Orwellianproportions.[9]
Caché2005A couple finds on their front porch videotapes of them in their home and tries to find out who is recording them.[9]
Cape Fear1962A released criminal follows the family of the man who testified against him.[9]
Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014The superhero Captain America, resurrected in the 21st century, combats a conspiracy in the surveillance state of his country.[10]
Closed Circuit2013A pair of lawyers in Great Britain discover "an unsavory alliance" between its secret service and the criminal justice system and have to evade the surveillance state.[11]
Code 462003In the near future, personal travel between countries is limited and controlled by technological means, but counterfeiting allows circumvention of these controls.[12]
Cold Eyes2013A South Korean surveillance unit attempts to track down a criminal leader in Seoul.[13]
The Conversation1974A surveillance expert is hired to combine wiretapped recordings of a couple and tries to interpret their conversations.[6]
The Dark Knight2008The vigilante superhero Batman hacks every cell phone in Gotham City to set up a sonar system to find the criminal the Joker.[8]
Death Watch1980In the future, the protagonist has a camera implanted in his brain and is enlisted to probe a dying woman's subconscious.[14]
Demolition Man1993The science fiction film depicts a 2032 "San Angeles" where everyone's behavior is under surveillance.[15]
Disturbia2007A teenager under house arrest spies on his neighbor and suspects him of being a killer.[9]
Eagle Eye2008Two strangers meet via a strange phone call and are then tracked by someone using everyday technology.[4]
Echelon Conspiracy2009An American engineer gets a cell phone that gives him unlimited wealth, but he is then pursued by security agents.[16]
EDtv1999Ed is a video store clerk whose daily life is broadcast by a company trying to save its cable channel.[16]
The End of Violence1997A film producer is targeted to keep secret a satellite surveillance program to combat crime.[17]
Enemy of the State1998The main character is pursued by the National Security Agency, which uses an array of surveillance technologies.[4]
Equilibrium2002In a futuristic city where emotions are suppressed through surveillance and control, a law enforcement officer begins experiencing emotions himself.[18]
Das Experiment2001A journalist joins a curious psychological experiment and records the experiment in secret.[18]
Eye in the Sky2007In Hong Kong, a police surveillance unit monitors a master criminal without realizing the criminal is watching them as well.[19]
The Final Cut2004An editor cuts together footage from a device implanted in one's body that can record an entire life, and he finds footage that has a connection with his own past.[20]
Firewall2006A technology executive is coerced to rob a bank by criminals holding his family hostage.[20]
Fortress1993The science fiction film follows a couple with an illegal second child through a panopticonal society.[21]
Freeze Frame2004The protagonist is acquitted from the wrongful accusation of killing his wife and children, but due to the media's portrayal, he maintains video surveillance of his own life to ensure having an alibi.[22]
Gattaca1997In the near future, an aspiring astronaut uses a cover identity in training and has to evade genetic screenings used as a surveillance mechanism.[23]
Giant2009A security guard at a supermarket watches a cleaning woman through video surveillance and begins stalking her outside work.[24]
Hackers1995A group of hackers break into a company's supercomputer and have to evade the U.S. Secret Service.[24]
Halloween: Resurrection2002A group of college students are trapped inside a home with a serial killer, and the killer broadcasts the subsequent events online through multiple cameras.[24]
Headhunters2011High-tech surveillance is used in a showdown between a headhunter who moonlights as an art thief and a potential recruit with a military background.[25]
Hi, Mom!1970A Vietnam War veteran attempts to make "peep art" by filming people who live across from his apartment building.[26]
Infernal Affairs2002A cop works undercover in a triad, and a triad member works undercover in the police department. Each is ordered to track down the mole in the very organization he infiltrated.[27]
The Listening2006An art gallery employee discovers a briefcase of classified documents about surveillance technology made by one of the NSA's suppliers, and the supplier goes after her to protect its secrets. A NSA operative blows his cover to protect the woman.[28]
The Lives of Others2006In East Germany in the 1980s, a Stasi officer spies on a playwright.[9]
Lost Highway1997In part of the film, a couple receives videotapes recording the outside then the inside of their home.[17]
Look2007The film shows surveillance camera footage of events surrounding San Fernando Valley denizens.[29]
M1931A city in pursuit of a child murderer has both cops and criminals engaging in surveillance and snooping on one another.[8]
Menace II Society1993A shopkeeper keeps close surveillance on two young black men.[3]
Metropolis1927The master of the city, Fredersen, keeps close surveillance on the city's workers.[3]
Minority Report2002The science fiction film depicts a futuristic society under total surveillance.[4]
Modern Times1936A factory worker is demented by the sped-up assembly line and the constant video surveillance.[3]
My Little Eye2002In the horror film, five twentysomethings live together to win a prize but are subsequently targeted by a serial killer.[30]
The Net1995A computer programmer in unknowing possession of secret software is tracked by assailants.[3]
The Net 2.02006A computer technician who takes a job in Istanbul finds herself in pursuit by criminals who try to erase her identity from the Internet.[31]
Nineteen Eighty-Four1984The film is set in a totalitarian state where citizens are under complete surveillance.[3]
One Hour Photo2002An employee at a photo processing department processes a family's photos and imagines himself to be their uncle.[31]
The Osterman Weekend1983A television host allows the Central Intelligence Agency to wire his home for video surveillance since his visiting friends are suspected to be spies.[17]
Panic Room2002A woman and her daughter use closed-circuit television to follow the movements of criminals invading their home.[32]
Paranoia2013A technology expert infiltrates a company to spy on it, but the company begins to spy on him.[33]
The Parallax View1974A journalist investigates the assassination of a United States Senator and infiltrates the responsible corporation.[34]
Peeping Tom1960A photographer hunts down women and records their reactions as he kills them.[17]
Pi1998A mathematician finds out that pi is the key to the stock market and religion and is targeted by several organizations.[9]
The President's Analyst1967In the satire film, an analyst for the President of the United States becomes expendable and teams up with two allies. Meanwhile, a telephone company seeks to implant electronic devices in people's brains.[35]
Rear Window1954The wheelchair-bound main character spies on people in his apartment complex and thinks one of them is a murderer.[9]
Red Road2006In Scotland, a woman who is paid to watch a dangerous corner of North Glasgow tracks a former criminal and begins stalking him.[8]
Le Samouraï1967The film's hit man resides in a flat that is bugged by the police who suspects him of being responsible for a contract killing.[8]
A Scanner Darkly2006An undercover cop is ordered to spy on his associates as a paranoid government monitors its citizens.[4]
The Secret Cinema1967A woman is manipulated by people around her so a director can film her to screen the results in a theater.[36]
Sliver1993The main character is spied on by one of her fellow apartment tenants.[3]
Snake Eyes1998A homicide detective investigates an assassination attempt at a boxing match.[17]
Sneakers1992A team of computer hackers is contracted by the government to steal a code-breaking machine.[6]
Surveillance2008Two FBI agents hunting a serial killer come across a mass shooting in a small town, and they use video surveillance to uncover the truth of the shooting.[37]
Surveillance 24/72007Filmed through surveillance cameras, a teacher takes home a lover and wakes up to find him murdered.[37]
Thelma & Louise1991Surveillance cameras record Thelma and Louise as they commit crimes.[3]
The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse1960German police investigate unsolved murders at a hotel, which is rigged with a sophisticated TV system.[37]
THX 11381971The film is set in a dystopian society where citizens are drugged and under surveillance.[3]
Timecode2000The experimental film displays a split screen of four cameras following different people in a film production office.[38]
The Truman Show1998The main character is unaware that his small-town life is constructed and is recorded 24 hours a day and aired to TV viewers.[8]
V for Vendetta2006The film is set in a future England ruled by a totalitarian regime that uses surveillance to monitor the citizens.[39]
Vacancy2007A couple staying at a motel begin watching low-budget horror movies available on tape and realize the movies were filmed in their own motel room.[40]
World Without a Mask1934An engineer invents technology that can see through walls. The technology is pursued by criminals from the underworld.[3]
La Zona2007A group of disadvantaged teenagers break into a gated community that is heavily under surveillance.[26]